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What is the difference between the online and offline examinations ?

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The evolution of internet learning has changed the way to the learning and education. From offline classes, books and lectures, the education is being shifted to the online emails, presentations, tutorials and online examinations. Now each and every thing has its own pros and cons the internet exams has also some disadvantages in compared to the online exams.

  • In the online exams, internet has been the biggest issue because if the internet server is down so there is a danger of losing all the answers form which were submitted by the students wherever offline exams has no issue like this.

  • It is necessary to have an instructor present at the online exam center. Because it is very tough to remove the fear of cheating in the online examinations wherever in the offline examinations, a physical instructor is always present to stop cheating.

  • In the offline examination scenario, the student also have to be present on the center before the examination starting time, wherever in online exams, students can also give it from home.

  • In the offline examinations, there is always a danger of the paper leakage before the examination but there is no such dangers in the online examinations.

  • In the online examinations, it becomes comfortable for the physically disabled students wherever in the offline examinations, it becomes so difficult for the students to reach and write on paper.

There are much more cons and pros of the online and offline examinations both, but there is need to get aware from all of those so that the corrective actions can be taken away at the right time. It will be sufficient to say at the last that the online exams have been succeeded in reducing the infrastructure and extra resources need.

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